Please Call (02) 9486 3577

The Course

Play Sydney's Best Par 3 Golf Course.
Whatever your age or skill level, you will enjoy the Terrey Hills Par 3 Golf Course.


Opening Hours

Open 7 Days a Week

First Tee Off at 8am

Last Tee Off at 8pm

Please call (02) 9486 3577

  • Great Value, Fast and Fun
  • For school sport, ladies, practice, seniors, weekend family activity, or just a beer with mates.
  • The pristine greens and fairways are perfectly maintained, couch grass with the latest technology tee mats to tee off from.
  • Stylishly lit for night golf, the course is open to play all year round in all weather conditions.
  1. All players must use the tee mats provided.
  2. Proceed to play only when green is clear of all players.
  3. The black and white stakes surrounding the course defines “Out of Bounds” – penalty – 1 stroke.
  4. Players must not proceed beyond the areas marked “Out of Bounds” for safety.
  5. A ball coming to rest on the wrong green may be dropped clear “without penalty”.
  6. A ball coming to rest in the landscaped areas may be dropped clear “without penalty”.
  7. A ball hitting a light pole may be replayed“without penalty”.
  8. If a light pole is between your ball and the hole, place the ball 2-club lengths away no nearer to the hole.
  9. Do not stand in front of any person playing a stroke or shot.
  10. Slow play is discouraged for the enjoyment of all patrons.


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