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Golf Safety

Safety is a priority for us at Par Golf.

Here are some common golf rules and etiquette you should be reminded about:

Golf has been described by QLD Department of Education and Training as a medium risk activity that may involve an incident that could require first aid treatment. In order to minimise this risk, please note and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • A general rule is to not be within 3 metres of a player swinging a club, on the tee or on the fairway.
  • Check the course in front of you and around you before you tee off or hit any shot
  • Be aware of other players hitting in your direction. The other player has right of way if you are on their fairway.
  • Don’t hit your shot whilst players are still on the green or within hitting distance.
  • Always watch your ball and if it is going to hit a person the shout loudly “FORE”
  • Should you hear the call “FORE” don’t look around, immediately crouch and cover your head with your arms.
  • Always play without delay, when you have finished putting, leave the green and add up your scores at the next tee.
  • Throwing clubs is not permitted. This could cause damage to property or person.
  • Players must tee off from the designated tee-boxes. At Par3, these are synthetic mats. Always tee off over the grass side of the tee mat and you will then be facing the correct hole.
  • The only club to be used on a green is the putter.
  • If your ball is on another green, you can either putt it from where it lies, or you can take a free drop, no nearer to the hole.

Remember you can have fun while learning the game. Don’t take it too seriously, however remember the general rules and common courtesy.

Please stay on the course; out of bounds is marked with black & white wooden pegs. There are snakes in the surrounding bush and fences don’t stop them coming onto the course.

The edges of the course are very steep and if you venture into the out of bounds area you may lose your footing and hurt yourself.

Please follow the direction of any staff member and give way to ground keeping staff.

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