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Covid News

Covid Update 26/07/2021

  1. Players wishing to play in groups larger than 2 must all be from the same household and must present proof of a shared address before paying (licence, recent receipt etc.). Players unable to provide proof will need to play in groups of 2 as usual. For those who do provide proof, group size will be limited to 4 players. Families with juniors (15 years old or younger) will not need to provide proof for the junior
  2. Masks must be worn in the clubhouse AND whilst waiting in line to tee off to reduce risk associated with close contact. They can be taken off once on the course and separated from other groups.
  3. Players claiming a mask exemption must provide staff with documented proof to enter the clubhouse without a mask. It is your right to refuse to provide documentation, however you will not be allowed to enter the clubhouse in this case.
  4. During play, players are asked to remain on the green of a hole they have just completed until the tee box of the next hole is clear. This is to maintain social distancing and prevent grouping.

Thank you for your continued cooperation with our COVID guidelines. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

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